5 Hardwood Trends That Are Everywhere Right Now

With different kinds of hardwood becoming more available every day, a hardwood remodel might be just the summer project you’re craving. What better way to refresh a space than to remodel from the floor up. Whether you just painted a room and the floors are clashing with your new vibe, or you’re looking to make the leap from tile or carpet to hardwood and aren’t sure where to start, here’s a guide to the five hardwood trends that people can’t get enough of right now.

Grey Expectations For Hardwood Floors

Pretty much every newly remodeled business and home is going for some variation of the super-popular greyish-brown hardwood floors. Grey hardwood floors have reached the peak of their popularity and will likely be going out of style within a few years. That being said, they’re a great way to add a neutral cool tone to the flooring and maintain a distressed or vintage look. Many grey floors that are made of vinyl or other synthetic material can look fake and quite cheap so make sure to opt for engineered wood or traditional hardwood to achieve that classically modern look.

Pattern Play For Hardwood Floors

Many people remember the parquet floors of the 70s and have vowed to never go back. However, there has been a resurgence of the unique look of patterned floors. The most popular are herringbone and chevron patterns, but all kinds of patterns are possible. Wood is much easier to cut than tile so an intricately patterned floor is well within design possibility. These floors look great in a smaller area such as a dining room or kitchen, where they can offer a unique pop of interest without overwhelming the space with a pattern. The only downside is that since the installation process is a little more labor-intensive, they tend to be more expensive than traditional hardwood floors. If you have the budget or only a small space to cover patterned hardwood floors are a trend you don’t want to miss out on.

Yin And Yang

In terms of hardwood trends, many modern customers have been gravitating away from the middle tones for hardwood floor stains and either opting for super dark floors or very light floors. These two extremes have some great benefits in terms of looking classic and simple for much longer than a trendy stain shade. Light floors especially have the benefit of opening up and breathing life into a dark space. On the other hand, dark hardwood floors can help ground a room and add a classic air of sophistication. Either dark hardwood floors or light hardwood floors are great choices that are sure to look beautiful for years to come.

Stay Cool

In addition to mid-toned wood falling by the wayside, the trends for hardwood are all leaning in the direction of cool-toned wood stains. Of course, the ever-popular gray-brown is in high demand, but traditionally warmer hardwoods like maple and cherry are now available in either light and cool stains, or very minimal cool-toned stains that show off the natural beauty of the wood. The major benefit of this cool-toned hardwood trend is that these stains show less wear and will fade down to a beautifully weathered appearance. This trend of cool-toned hardwood is perfect for large spaces, as it provides a unified aesthetic that goes great with blue, white, green, or other cool-toned walls. If you are worried about the space looking too cold or impersonal you can always add in accessories or furniture in a contrasting warm color like a deep burnt orange or vibrant mustard yellow.

Authenticity Is Key

As more pre-fabricated and vinyl mass-produced flooring becomes available, customers are craving for their floors to feel authentic, especially if they are traditional hardwood. There are few things worse than spending time and money selecting the perfect, only to see a cheap vinyl copy that looks nearly identical. There are plenty of techniques available to show off an authentic custom look, like hand scraping and wire brushing. With these methods, the hardwood is roughed and then smoothed to show off the beautiful natural grain, including all the knots and imperfections. These techniques create a gorgeous custom look that is specific to your hardwood and shows off its authentic beauty. You could also opt for wide plank hardwood, to harken back to a more authentic time in flooring, or go for a custom multicolor hardwood technique that combines pieces that have been stained both light and dark for a one-of-a-kind look. There are many options to show off the authentic beauty of your hardwood. Authenticity is not a hardwood trend that is going away anytime soon, so show off your beautiful hardwood in all of its authentic glory.

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