Dustless Sanding

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Dustless Sanding

When your hardwood floors need to be re-finished, part of the process includes sanding the wood to get rid of surface scratches and other marks. This is usually very dusty, but technology and Bona equipment now make dustless sanding a reality. Dustless floor refinishing is the perfect solution for people with allergies, because less dust is floating around. This is the perfect option for residing in your home, while having the floors sanded and refinished. While it is impossible to eliminate the dust entirely, very little residual dust remains at the end. Click here for more information on dustless sanding.

Pros of dustless sanding

Dustless sanding means less allergens in the home. Less dust left behind for clean up and generally makes the job quickers as there is less time needed for cleaning before finishing the floors.

Conventional sanding equipment does retain most of the dust however a "Talcom powder" type dust cannot be captured and is still released into the air. This fine dust gets everywhere, in bookcases, on shelves and ledges, on walls, lights and fans dustless sanding eliminates this by sending most of the dust out of the home and into the containment equipment that is outside .

Going the dustless route for your refinishing project can save you time and money over the expense of a standard refinish of your hardwood floors. Aggravation, clean up cost, and clean up time on dustless refinishing are minimal verses the standard refinishing of your floors.

Cons of dustless sanding

There are some cons to dustless sanding. There is a little more cost involved in this process. A Trailer will sit on your property during the sanding process.

Refinishing of any wood floor reduces the life of your floors due to sanding off the wood each time you have it refinished. When you start to see wear, call for a recoat before the floors are too worn. This will extend the life of the wood.