There’s long been the misconception that hardwood floors in a beach house don’t work. Beach houses are often home to wet swimsuits, damp towels, spilled drinks, and many other water-filled situations that tend not to play well with hardwood flooring. However, there are plenty of hardwood options out there that do work with a beach house and can add value if you choose to rent your home to vacationers. If you’re still not ready to fill your beach house with beautiful hardwood flooring, let’s look at some more reasons why hardwood floors are perfect for any beach house.

Engineered Hardwood Is The Way To Go

While traditional hardwood floors can still be beautiful in a beach house, you may want to reserve it for areas that are low-traffic and prone to water. Traditional hardwood flooring can be beautiful in a living room, bedroom, or dining room in a beach house but should be avoided in areas that people tend to frequent in their wet swimsuits.

Instead, opt for engineered hardwood or bamboo flooring. These two types of hardwood are much preferred for a beach house because they are crafted with a greater amount of synthetic products. Bamboo is pressed together with resin, making it less water-soluble, and engineered hardwood only has a thin layer of hardwood over a treated plywood base that is much less susceptible to water.

In wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens, you could even opt for a high-quality wood-look vinyl flooring, though it’s typically not necessary with how waterproof bamboo and engineered hardwood flooring is for a beach house.

Hardwood Floors Create The Perfect Beach Vibe

The main reason that hardwood floors is perfect for a beach house is that it ties in with the natural element that many people want in their beach house. Hardwood is also more sophisticated looking than tile, and it is available in a million different stains. Whether you are looking for hardwood floors that look bleached by the coastal sun or deep cool-toned hardwood that picks up the blue of the sea, there is an option out there to create your perfect beachy flooring. In such a beautiful natural environment it seems to only make sense that the flooring would also be natural. Hardwood flooring in a beach house feels like an extension of the natural environment and adds to the relaxing vibe of a beach house.

Hardwood Can Add Value To A Rental Property

If you do choose to rent your property, hardwood floors can help add value and set your home apart from the other rentals on the market, especially in a busy beach town with lots of houses to choose from. Since hardwood is more expensive than tile, renters could view your home as a more luxurious option and therefore want to spend their vacation relaxing in luxury.

While you never know what kind of damage renters can cause, hardwood flooring is still an excellent option for your beach house. Engineered hardwood flooring is easier to replace than tile, whether it be in large sections or just individual boards. Replacing pieces of an engineered hardwood floor only takes a few tools and a little elbow grease, so you can rest easy that your beautiful beachy hardwood floors will be safe from renters.

If you are looking to add hardwood floors to your beach house, there is no better hardwood company on the coast than Troendle Hardwood Company. For over 100 years Troendle has been supplying the Gulf Coast with beautiful, high-quality hardwood flooring. Call or contact us today to explore your hardwood options.