Protecting your Floors

When it comes to your hardwood flooring, you need to follow these basic cleaning and maintenance routines, which will help ensure the longevity and continued beauty of your flooring. If your floors are coated with a polyurethane finish, be sure to follow the recommended cleaning methods mentioned below.

Prevent scratches, marks, and gouges

To help prevent further scarring or scratching of your magnificent floors, use safety glides on the legs of your furniture. While you still shouldn't slide your furniture across the floor, the pads will provide additional protection from indentations and will also protect the finish and your flooring from becoming marked up and deeply gouged.

Cleaning tips

Use a damp soft cloth (not soaked) to wipe up spills immediately.
Never use water to "mop" the floors, only damp wipe/clean. Always use a product specifically formulated for wood floors.
Avoid oil soap, restoration products and liquid waxes or finishes.
Never apply a wax or wax products over a poly finished floor.
Consider using area rugs in high traffic areas. Avoid rubber-backed rugs.
Resurface when your floors begin to appear worn or become difficult to clean.
Dry-mop daily or weekly with a soft cloth to keep the floor clear of dust.

Sealant cleaning tips

If your hardwood flooring has been sealed with a protective polyurethane finish, you'll want to be sure to follow the recommended cleaning procedures for that specific type of surface.

We'll let you know if your hardwood's polyurethane finish is oil modified, water based or moisture modified. We'll also recommend the cleaning products that are best used for your particular surface.

Be sure not to use oils, furniture sprays, waxes, alkaline products, straight ammonia or abrasive cleaners. You will enjoy the radiant warmth and beauty your hardwood floors provide for many years to come when you care for them properly.