Are the wood floors you installed in your home decades ago looking a bit run down and scuffed up? Perhaps you have just purchased a historic home, and the floors date back to the nineteenth century and show the years in a dull, flat finish. Whatever the cause of your wooden floors not looking their best, you may ask the question “Is restoring a wooden floor worth it?” The answer without a doubt is yes. Wood floors, especially older ones that may be made of sturdy wood no longer available such as redwood are worth saving. Here are a few reasons why you should restore your wood floors.

Almost All Old Wood Floors Are Salvageable

If your home has old wooden flooring, it is best to restore it. It is less expensive than installing carpet, and in Victorian, Edwardian and early twentieth-century homes, you are keeping what the architect originally intended. Mixing styles from different eras doesn’t always make for good aesthetics.

Across the decades, various problems can occur with wood flooring. Factors such as high humidity and temperature swings can make the wood warp and buckle. There are also years of spills, oil and dirt being tracked in, and t urine that can take away a wood floor’s luster. Although these things are harmful to wooden floors, they are not something that can keep a trained and experienced wood floor specialist from repairing. With a little effort, the beauty that was always in your old wood floor can be brought out.

Increase Your Home’s Value

If you’re planning on selling your home, restoring your hardwood floors can increase the asking price of your home. Refurbished hardwood floors can make your home look ready to move in. An added appeal to a potential buyer is that wooden flooring is simple to clean and maintain. By restoring your wood floors for a reasonable cost, you will be able to make your home more attractive to potential buyers.

– According to the National Wood Flooring Association, homes with wood floors tend to sell for approximately 10% more.

Restored Antique Wooden Flooring Brings The Ambience Of The Past To Your Home

Old wood flooring brings forth a feeling of timelessness to your historic home. When you see the shine and hear footsteps, an old hardwood floor takes you back to the time when your home was constructed. Along with antiques from the era your home was built, they can make you feel as if you have stepped back in time.

Even new homeowners are seeking to capture a rustic feel that many by installing wood flooring. They want a rustic appearance to their floors, complete with knotholes and wood patterns covered by a polished gleam.

Some homeowners pay a lot of money to have wood flooring installed in their homes. But, if your older home already has wooden flooring, then you are in a good spot, even if your flooring is old and dilapidated, which is why we ask, “Why would you get rid of your wood floors when with a small cost you can have them restored to their original pristine state?“

Let Troendle Hardwoods Restore Your Wood Flooring

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