Sand & Finish

Sanding your hardwoods to perfection

Sanding, Finishing, Restoration

Proper installation, care and routine maintenance will ensure that you, your family and your guests are admiring and enjoying the hardwood floors in your home or office for decades to come. Troendle Hardwood Floor Company makes it easy and affordable throughout the life of your hardwood floors.

After the flooring and/or stairs have been installed, they will be sanded to perfection and a protective coating of polyurethane finish will show off the depth and beauty of the hardwood. Stain color is an option. We utilize Bona's stain color palette and we offer custom stain blends as well. Sanding and staining is also done to refinish and restore damaged floors when needed. We also offer a less invasive restoration process to restore the luster and beauty of slightly worn floors.

Hardwood Finishes

Keep your hardwood floors looking nice with the help of a proper finish, such as:

The type of wood will determine which is best to use for your floors.

Hardwood Historic Restoration

Your historic hardwood flooring restoration project is not a do-it-yourself project. It requires the very best artisans to ensure it’s done properly. Antique and reclaimed flooring may be available to get the best match for your historic renovation and restoration project. Acclimation of flooring is needed before all installations, and additional acclimation time may be needed after the installation and prior to the sanding of your floors. This and any other questions you may have will happily be answered by your estimator. Call and set an appointment today.

Sanding & Finishing – What to Expect
Stain – Is An Option
Screen & Recoat

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