Are you trying to decide if you want to use traditional wood flooring or engineered wood flooring? It’s a tough choice, but it depends on what and where you are going to install the flooring. While natural wood flooring looks great and is durable, it is not the only flooring that can claim those features. Engineered wood flooring is an excellent alternative to natural wood and has many of its own outstanding features that make it a credit to any home or office that has it. In some areas, engineered wood flooring has a distinct advantage over traditional wood flooring. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why you should consider engineered wood flooring for your house or workplace.

Engineered wood is popular for a number of reasons; here are a few.

Engineered Wood Flooring Resists Humidity

Engineered wood flooring is designed to resist the moisture issues that wood flooring occasionally has. It has several layers that block moisture and give additional stability to your floors. Engineered wood flooring is also warp-resistant and demands very little maintenance. So, if you are putting flooring in around something like an indoor swimming pool, a restaurant kitchen, or a bathroom in your home, using engineered wood flooring gives you superior water protection.

Go Green

Another reason for the growing popularity of engineered wood flooring is its green construction rating, which simply means it is more environmentally-friendly than traditional wood flooring.

The veneer on engineered flooring is sliced as opposed to being cut with a saw. What does that mean? It means no sawdust is produced so that none of the tree’s wood will be wasted.

The species of trees that are utilized for traditional wood flooring grow at a much slower rate than the species used to produce engineered wood flooring cores. Why? Because more surface area is created to make the veneer. Another interesting green fact is that installing traditional wood flooring consumes many times the amount of a slow-growing tree. Clearly, if you turn your office or home green, engineered wood flooring hits all the right conservation notes.

It Looks Good

What really makes engineered wood flooring outstanding is its appearance. The top layer of engineered wood flooring is actually real wood; you can achieve a look that’s nearly identical to real wood flooring. Why is that important? It means if you are on a budget, you can recreate the look of real wood flooring without going into the red.

Let Troendle Hardwood Company Help You Decide

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