Types of Flooring and Installations

Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Space

When installing hardwood flooring, there are various methods of flooring installation to consider. At Troendle Hardwood Floor Company, we have expert artisans who will ensure a seamless installation that meets your needs and preferences. The type of flooring you choose will determine the installation method used. Let’s explore the different types of flooring installations to help you make an informed decision.

Glue Down Flooring Installation: Ensuring Stability and Durability

Glue-down installation, a particular type of installation, involves adhesive to secure the hardwood flooring directly to the subfloor. This method provides excellent stability and durability, making it a popular choice for both solid and engineered wood floors. It is particularly suitable for concrete subfloors or areas with high moisture levels. Glue-down installation ensures a strong bond between the flooring and the subfloor, creating a long-lasting and reliable foundation for your hardwood floors.

Glue Down Prefinished Hardwood Flooring Installation: Convenience and Efficiency Combined

If you opt for prefinished hardwood flooring, the glue-down method can still be used. Prefinished hardwood comes with a factory-applied finish, saving you time and effort during installation. The glue-down approach ensures a secure and tight fit between the prefinished hardwood planks and the subfloor. It eliminates the need for sanding, staining, or finishing after installation, allowing you to enjoy your new floors immediately. You can achieve both convenience and a beautiful, finished look with glue-down prefinished hardwood flooring.

Nail Down Hardwood Flooring Installation: Traditional and Timeless

The nail-down method is a classic approach to hardwood flooring installation. It involves using nails or staples to secure the hardwood planks to the subfloor. Solid hardwood flooring, typically 3/4″ thick, is well-suited for this installation method. Nail-down installation is commonly used in new construction projects and provides a traditional, timeless look. It offers excellent stability and can withstand heavy foot traffic. However, ensuring that the subfloor is suitable for nailing, such as plywood or oriented strand board (OSB) is important.

Nail Down Prefinished Hardwood Flooring Installation: Convenience Meets Elegance

If you prefer the convenience of prefinished hardwood flooring, the nail-down method can still be employed. Prefinished hardwood comes with a factory-applied finish, eliminating the need for on-site staining and finishing. The nail-down installation ensures a secure attachment of the prefinished hardwood planks to the subfloor, creating a beautiful and durable floor that is ready to be admired. This method combines the elegance of prefinished hardwood with the reliable stability of the nail-down approach.

Considerations for Sub-Floor Installations

In some cases, the type of subfloor you have will influence the choice of installation method. The sub-flooring can be pinned down to the concrete for sub-floor installations over concrete, allowing the hardwood flooring to be nailed on top. This approach is commonly used in new construction projects. It’s important to ensure the concrete slab is properly prepared, recessed in hardwood areas, or leveled to avoid elevation differences.

The nail-down method can be employed for non-concrete slab houses, such as those with plywood subfloors. This approach is suitable for both solid and some engineered wood floors, providing a secure and stable foundation for your hardwood flooring.

Professional Installation for Lasting Beauty

Choosing the right installation method is crucial to ensure the longevity and beauty of your hardwood floors. Whether you opt for glue-down or nail-down installation, or prefer prefinished hardwood flooring, Troendle Hardwood Floor Company has the expertise to handle your project with precision and care. Our expert artisans will guide you through the process, ensuring a seamless installation that meets your expectations.

Contact us today to discuss your flooring needs and let us bring lasting beauty to your space.