Types of Flooring and Installations

Types of Flooring and Installations

Glue down flooring Installation
Glue down Prefinished Hardwood flooring installation.
Nail down Hardwood flooring installation.
Nail down Prefinished Hardwood Flooring installation.

There are many do-it-yourself flooring projects the home or business owner can do themselves, but who has the time these days? When you work with Troendle Hardwood Floor Company to have your hardwood flooring installed, you can rest easy knowing that you have expert artisans working on your project. The type of flooring you selected will determine which installation method is used.

Sub-floor installations over concrete

Sub-flooring can be pinned down to the concrete so the hardwood flooring is nailed on top of the sub-floor. Solid 3/4" hardwoods can be installed over a sub-floor using the nail down method. This option is typically considered for new construction and is commonly used. This option does require that the slab be recessed in hardwood areas, or there will be an elevation difference of approximately 1-1/2".

Nail down over plywood

This method is typical for non-concrete slab houses. Solid and some engineered wood floors can be nailed down.

Glue down over concrete

Floors that need to be glued down are typically an engineered product. Various thickeness, widths and species are available. Most engineered products are pre-finished. Sandability depends on the wear layer. This is perfect for those who want the look and feel of a solid hardwood installation, cannot accommodate solid nail down floors.

The woods that benefit from this method are generally thinner and have been varying wear layers. All work is completed to current NATIONAL WOOD FLOORING ASSOCIATION STANDARDS.