You may be considering having wood floors installed, and you aren’t quite sure which type to pick. Perhaps you are thinking about red oak floors; not surprising. You probably already know, but if not, you may wonder why is red oak floors are so popular?

Well, there are several reasons why it is quickly becoming a first choice when having flooring installed. Let’s take a look!

Red Oak Flooring Looks Great

Let’s start with the most obvious reason first … red oak flooring looks great.

Its deep red hue warms a room and puts you in the mind of a Pacific Northwest forest. Its warmth gives any room an accessible feel, as if you belong. Its thicker and more frequent grain patterns give room for character and hide scratches and scuffs simultaneously.

Red Oak floors are used frequently in the transitional style, which is swiftly growing in popularity. The transitional style is a mix of traditional and modern. Red oak floors are used as the foundation of the transitional style giving the whole room a classic feel while sleek furniture and appliances are used in conjunction with it.

It’s not surprising that red oak floors are the choice for interior decorators who prefer transitional style designs and remodels.

Red Oak Flooring Can Take A Beating

Red oak is much tougher than most of its wood flooring counterparts.

If you are not familiar, there is a rating system for wood flooring that measures its hardness and therefore durability. The system is known as the “Janka Scale” which was designed specifically to determine if a species of tree is hard enough to use for wood flooring. The scale specifically measures denting and wear.

Red oak has a Janka scale rating of 1290 which means it is highly resistant to denting and wear. Red oak is frequently used in areas where there will be considerable foot traffic such as schools, churches, retail stores, and homes with large families. If your home gets a considerable amount of visitors, or your family is considerable, red oak floors are the right flooring for you.

Red Oak Floors Are Versatile

Yet another reason for the popularity of red oak flooring is that it’s tough, but not so hard that it can’t be sawed, sanded, and nailed. Its workability is why it’s the most used hardwood flooring. It won’t add time to your installation because it is too difficult to put in.

Red Oak Flooring Doesn’t Cost You Your Firstborn

Red oak floors are very reasonably priced for such a high-quality product, which is another reason it’s widely used. Being affordable makes it where most homes can install red oak floors to give it an upscale look without the massive overhead of more costly materials.

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