Many people who want unique flooring often overlook hardwood floors for a more outlandish or expressive tile, carpeting, or linoleum flooring option. However, hardwood flooring can be incredibly unique. The only reason that hardwood can sometimes look homogenous or “basic” is that we have become accustomed to seeing the same look repeatedly. These unofficial hardwood-style rules are made to be broken. Here are some of the hardwood style rules we think you should break, and some tips on how to break them while still looking chic.

Rule To Break: Go With A Cool Toned Stain

Why You Should Break It

Cool-toned stains are great, but they’ve become the standard in renovations and new home builds. For years now renovators and new home builders have been ditching warmer tone stains like Honey Maple, Early American, and English Chestnut for cooler gray tones that wash out wood and create a dull lifeless look. Break the cool-toned status-quo and go for a warmer stain that brings life to your wood and lets the natural warmth of the wood shine.

Rule To Break: Hardwood Has To Match

Why You Should Break It

To put it quite simply: who says that hardwood has to match? Yes, matching hardwood from room to room creates a beautiful consistent look that can open a space and make it appear larger. But quite honestly, certain rooms demand certain aesthetics, and it can be hard to find decor that looks good with every hardwood color. For instance, if you want whitewashed Scandinavian-inspired maple flooring in your living room, why should you be limited to that design aesthetic in your dining room or kitchen? Using different hardwoods and stains in different rooms is a fun way to express your creativity and free your interior design of limitations.

Rule To Break: Don’t Paint Your Hardwood

Why You Should Break It

In all honesty, this is a rule that we DO NOT suggest breaking. Painted wood floors can be very exciting, colorful, and interesting. However, heavy coats of paint do not allow your floors to breathe and can lead to problems with trapped moisture. What we do suggest to break this rule, is exploring the color wheel on your flooring with a heavy layer of a colored stain, that will not cause damage, and can easily be removed with professional sanding. There are all kinds of colored stains available from lime green to bright blue, to dark purple, and they are the perfect way to add dimension and creativity to your hardwood floors.

Rule To Break: Lay Wood Parallel To The Longest Wall

Why You Should Break It

This is one of those rules that creates the reputation that all hardwood looks the same. Laying wood parallel to the longest wall will create a cohesive aesthetic that lengthens the space, but who said you have to do it that way? Horizontally laying wood, even in small spaces can create a more quaint and homey aesthetic. A more creative alternative is laying wood in a herringbone pattern, which adds visual interest and makes your beautiful wood floors the star of the show.

Rule To Break: Choose Wider Boards

Why You Should Break It

Choosing wide boards is another one of those homogenizing wood trends that make all modern homes look the same. Wider hardwood boards are beautiful, but in many cases, they can make the flooring look oversimplified as if anyone could have installed it instead of a skilled hardwood professional. By breaking this rule and opting for narrower hardwood boards, you can create a more classic aesthetic that is reminiscent of historic homes. These narrower boards can help elevate a space to achieve a timeless look.

If you are looking to break hardwood style rules, you need skilled professionals to help you break them well and achieve your desired look. Troendle Hardwood Company has those professionals. For over 100 years Troendle has been installing wood flooring in Pensacola and the surrounding Escambia and Santa Rosa County area. Call or contact us online to request a free quote for your next hardwood project.