In the age of DIY home renovation shows, YouTube tutorials, and sped-up TikTok transformations, most people feel qualified to install their hardwood floors but may need help with unexpected problems. Online videos make it look as easy as cutting everything to size and nailing your floors. In reality, installing hardwood floors is a labor-intensive skill that can take a while to master, and many DIY-ers end up with problematic floors as a result of their DIY efforts. If you are considering installing your floors, here are some of the unexpected problems you may encounter when installing hardwood floors and why professional hardwood floor installation is recommended.

Staples Galore

One unexpected problem many people who install their own hardwood floors often encounter is a subfloor that is riddled with staples from carpet installation. When installing carpet, many contractors use hundreds of staples to secure the padding that goes underneath, which is a big, unexpected problem for someone installing their own floors. For DIY home renovators who are looking to install their own hardwood, pulling up all of those staples is not only a time-consuming chore, it provides ample opportunity to miss a staple. While one or two missed staples are no big deal, it becomes a problem when you fail to pull up many more than that. These missed staples are a problem that can result in uneven flooring when it comes time to install the hardwood. Staples left in the subfloor can cause bumps and bending in the hardwood laying on top of it, which is a huge problem in the long run.

Subpar Subfloor

In addition to the unexpected problem of staples in the subfloor, many people don’t realize that subfloors can have significant issues that can cause problems when installing hardwood. Many subfloors have problems like water damage or rot can cause new hardwood floors to be creaky and squeaky. Many DIYers, especially first-time ones, have no idea how to solve these unexpected subfloor problems when installing their hardwood floors, which is why it’s best to have professional hardwood flooring installation.

Uninvited Guests

Oftentimes when ripping up old carpet or flooring to install your own hardwood floors, people find evidence of uninvited guests. Trapped moisture can lead to bugs like cockroaches, termites, and ants making their home in your flooring. This unexpected problem can kill the momentum of installing your hardwood and can be difficult to handle without an experienced professional.

Poorly Planned Layout

While you may be eager to install your own hardwood floors, be sure to take your layout and all necessary measurements into extra careful consideration. An unexpected problem that people who install their own hardwood often face is some of the simple factors that get overlooked. DIY hardwood installers often overlook layout issues like oddly shaped corners, forgetting to remove baseboards, and accidentally laying hardwood over vents. These unexpected issues can be easily resolved by professional hardwood installation.

Improper Sealing

An unexpected problem that people who install their own hardwood floors often find, months after doing their own floor installation, is that they did not seal their floors properly. Sealing wood ensures that it will not be affected by environmental problems like water, moisture in the air, and the general dirt and grime that floors often encounter. Sealing wood is not too difficult, but it’s one of those steps that non-professional hardwood installers often mess up and can cause quite a few unexpected problems later on. Avoid water damage and rapidly degrading wood by having your hardwood professionally sealed.

If you’re encountering unexpected problems when installing hardwood yourself, you need a trusted hardwood industry professional. Troendle Hardwood Company has you covered for all your professional hardwood floor installation needs. With over 100 years in the hardwood business, Troendle Hardwood Company is the Pensacola hardwood expert you need. Call or contact us online today.