5 Unexpected Hardwood Floor Finishes That Shine During Fall

Autumn is an incredible season for your hardwood floor. Summer has come and gone, taking with it the wear and tear of constant use, puddles of pool water, and slippery sunscreen residue. During the coming fall months, your hardwood floor will come alive with the gentle sunlight of the cooling days, and the long evenings lit with soft lamps and overhead lights. Most hardwood flooring finishes look amazing all year round. But, if you are looking for a finish that will really shine during the chilly autumn months, look no further than these five unexpected hardwood floor finishes that shine during fall.

Feel Vampy With Dark Cherry Hardwood Floor

Autumn is, as the internet has dubbed it, spooky season. A time when spider webs get stretched over bushes and horror movies play on tv. If you want to keep some of this spooky energy going year-round you should opt for a dark finish on beautiful cherry hardwood. Cherry is often thought to be too red for most folks. But, it is actually incredibly versatile and can provide a subtle warmth to any room that may feel a little bit cold. Opt for a stain that is cooler, and more green-based to counteract the natural red of the wood and achieve the subtly dark look that will come to life during the autumn months.

Add Some Farmhouse Charm With Reclaimed Wood To Your Hardwood Floor

Is there anywhere better than a farmhouse during the fall? It brings to mind images of smoking bonfires, woods full of rapidly turning leaves, and delicious autumnal baked goods. If you are looking to bring some of that farmhouse style to your home, look no further than reclaimed wood. With a natural finish that lets the texture and tone of the wood really show through, you can’t go wrong. There are many places to find reclaimed wood. However, it can be a little bit more difficult to find and install. Make sure that you have a seasoned expert to help when adding this farmhouse flair to your home.

Invoke Romance With Faded Maple

Autumn is a season of warm golden tones. And, what better way to accentuate that than by installing beautiful maple hardwood floors in your home? Maple is a totally versatile wood, but the subtle honey-gold tones come alive when the late afternoon autumn light hits it. If you grew up with saturated, yellow floors, rest easy. Maple has a lot of finish options that are subtle, allowing the real tone of the wood to shine through.

Bring The Outside Tones In With Warm Teak

Similar to maple, teak is an excellent way to inject some warmth and softness into your home. However, teak is often color-saturated. Teak has a beautiful orange undertone that perfectly offsets cool colored walls. It looks very modern and is often laid in a bit of a patchwork style with boards that are different shades next to each other. This can create a look that feels unique and custom to the space. Teak is great for mid-century modern homes. However, it will also work in homes that feel a little too cool and spacious, as it fills the space with a warmth that feels contemporary.

Add Some Contrast With A Painted Finish

While many people may shudder at the idea of a painted stain, these paints actually do not harm the wood and can look incredibly chic when done well. If you are thinking about a painted floor, consider it like you would an accent wall or a piece of statement furniture, and don’t choose something that contrasts too heavily. Even a basic grey or beige color will add interest and look unique simply because of the fact that it is a painted wood floor. For fall, you can contrast the warmth of the changing leaves outside with a sage green or denim blue painted floor that will feel airy and timeless all year round.

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