One of the most exciting parts about getting all new hardwood floors is that you can pick any stain and achieve a completely different look. However, this newfound freedom can feel a little overwhelming as well. Soon you may find yourself buried neck-deep in samples with no idea what color you want your hardwood floors to be. If the idea of picking a stain that will permanently be on your floors is feeling a little more anxiety-inducing than exciting, it’s time to take a deep breath and read on for some tips on how to pick the perfect stain that you’ll be happy with.

Consider The Wood’s Natural Tone

Often, the wood that your hardwood floors are made out of itself tells you where you should be leaning. For instance, you maybe wouldn’t use a deep dark stain on a naturally golden-red oak like you would use it on cooler and ashier walnut wood. The natural tone of the wood that you have chosen can tell you a lot about the color direction you should go in with stain, often the best way to go is to just lean into the natural color and make it even more beautiful.

Imagine What The Room Is Going To Look Like Full Of Furniture

This is an especially easy way to weed out stain colors that you thought might have worked when the room is empty but do not work when the room is full again. There’s nothing worse than moving all the furniture out of a room and then back in only to realize that the couch clashes with the wood, or everything looks too one-color. If you have a strong accent color in your furniture it might be best to pick a stain that will compliment that color without being too similar to it, to avoid a monochromatic look. Picking a stain that has an undertone that is complementary to your furniture is a sure-fire way to ensure a harmonious room.

Remember The Purpose Of The Room

Each room in a home contains its own microcosm of life, and a stain that might work in one room may be completely nonfunctional in a different room. For instance, in a high-traffic area such as an entryway, staircase, or kitchen, a darker stain may help camouflage some of the everyday scuffs and scrapes that a lighter one would betray.

Decide What Story You Want To Tell

The color of a stain on hardwood floors creates a certain emotional feeling. A deeper stain or one with a warmer base creates a depth and a homeyness that you simply just don’t get with a cool-toned or lighter stain. Stain can also tell a story by nodding back to a certain era. If you’re looking to create a nostalgic feeling you can research what color stains were popular in the era you are trying to evoke. The only way to know what story you’re trying to tell is to look at images of flooring that tells the story you want to convey and use that as a jumping-off point to find the perfect color for you.

Pick A Color That Speaks To You

In all honesty, you already know what color you want. Deep down inside you once saw a hardwood floor, in someone’s house, a long time ago and something about it just told you that you needed to have that color. Trust your gut and look through as many options as possible. Narrow them down and take as much time as you need. Above all remember that although this may feel incredibly permanent, the beauty of hardwood flooring is that it can always be sanded down and stained again to create an entirely new home.

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