“Hardwood Floors: Elevate Your Space with Timeless Elegance”


Everybody loves summer, school is out, the temperatures are high, and it’s full of fun parties and events. Well, everyone loves summer … except your hardwood floors. Between the high temperatures, increased foot traffic, and sometimes messy fun, the warm months are especially taxing on your floors. To keep your hardwood looking beautiful all summer long, you have to understand the factors that take a toll on this beautiful natural surface. Here are just a few reasons why summer is the worst season for your hardwood floors and a few ways to fight back against them.

Wood’s Worst Enemy

Water is a huge part of summer fun. From swimming pools to sprinklers to beaches, getting wet is the best way to cool down in the oppressive heat. Unfortunately, water and hardwood are sworn enemies. Water seeps into the flooring and causes it to warp and weaken. Water damage is a huge issue, especially if your hardwood floors have not been properly sealed. To combat wet floors this summer, make sure to wipe up any puddles immediately, place small rugs at entryways so people can dry their feet off, and contact your hardwood installer to make sure that your sealant coat has not worn off over time.

Slip And Stain On Your Hardwood Floors

Sunscreen is an essential part of every summer. It helps protect your delicate winter skin from the harsh UV rays during a day at the beach or pool. The oil in sunscreen though is no friend to your wood floors. Many brands of sunscreen, including the aerosol spray sunscreens, are filled with oils like cocoa butter that can leave stains on your hardwood floors, as well as turning them into a slick slippery surface, perfect for someone to slip and fall on. To keep your floors safe from the gobs of sunscreen that may fall on them during the summer, opt for an oil-free sunscreen or insist sunscreen is only sprayed outside. Additionally, if your wood is oil-stained, you can try to put an absorbent material like sawdust or baking soda on the stain and it should absorb the oil.

Worse For The Wear

One of the best parts of the summer is that school is out, family is around, and it’s a great time to host parties. All of these extra feet though will wear down your hardwood floors long before September comes. Fight against the wear by placing runners or rugs in high-traffic areas and creating a “no shoes in the house” policy. Not only will your floors stay cleaner, but they will also stay beautiful for much longer.

Bright In A Bad Way

During the summer our section of the planet rotates closest to the sun, meaning that the temperatures rise, and it stays light outside for much longer. It also means that the sun is streaming in through the windows, fading your hardwood floors. You can help by closing the blinds or drawing the curtains during the peak hours of the sunshine from 11 A.M to 3 P.M. If you don’t like the dark you can install semi-sheer white curtains to allow the light to filter through in a much less intense manner.

Regardless of the steps you may take to protect your floors this summer, you may need professional help. For all of your hardwood installation and refinishing needs contact Troendle Hardwood Company. We specialize in making your hardwood floors last through a lifetime of summers. Call us at 850-478-5328 or by filling out our online contact form. We’ll help you get the floors you need!

Now you know why summer is the worst season for your hardwood floors. But, that shouldn’t stop you from having fun this summer! Enjoy yourself, take the steps necessary to prevent excessive damage, and if you need help fixing the damage, contact us.